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Being self-employed brings about a whole host of responsibilities and stresses, with the ‘annual tax return form’ being a phrase of dread for many who work from home. With the threat of losing out on money, or even facing legal implications if you accidentally go wrong with the inputting, ensuring that your tax return is completed professionally is crucial. 

With the ever-impending deadlines looming every year, the feeling of dread and stress sets in, with many self-employed business owners not having their finances in check properly throughout the year, finding themselves scrambling at the last minute. 

David Adamson Accountant works to lighten a load of tax return accountancy, allowing you to rest assured knowing that a professional – who has been working on tax returns for no less than 40 years – has control of the situation and will work to shave those extra pounds off your outgoings. 

By analyzing your incomes, then calculating how much tax you actually owe from that, deducting the tax already paid that year – the accountant can derive whether you still have money to pay out to the HMRC, or whether you’re actually eligible for a tax refund. 

Don’t let the confusion associated with tax returns dupe you into wasting money on surplus charges and missing out on your tax rebate by letting someone inexperienced take the reins.  In the next few years, there are many changes coming to the tax system and even the threat of having to submit 

4 (Four) Tax Returns every year!!!!!

MTD means MAKING TAX DIGITAL!    I am registered as a Tax Agent to complete Tax Returns every 3 months if need be!   I send a Christmas Card to a Lady in Wakefield every year.   Her two Daughters wanted to know why does this man send you a Christmas Card EVERY year????   He worked with your Dad for many years and always used to send us a card!   Can we meet him then, please? 

Will you come and meet my daughters, please?   Yes of course.  I go to see them and tell them lots of stories about what their Dad was like before he died.   They ask what do I do and I say "Accountant". 

What do you do?   One Daughter works in Spain and she has been self-employed for 3 years teaching about 108 children how to speak English - in batches of about 7 at a time and she LOVES it!   Then she asks "how much would my Accountancy bill be in the UK?   She doesn't employ anybody and she rents cheap premises. 

Without seeing your records I would think about £480 per year with no VAT to pay!   WOW WOW, She Says!!!   I said am I too expensive?   NO NO NO She Says!   I pay £1600 per year!  WHY?   I don't really know BUT we do have to send in a Tax Return every 3 months!!!!!!   Oh, I said.    That must be Spanish MTD - Making Tax Digital!!!!!     Now you know!

I understand that now in Spain every time you issue a SALES INVOICE which will normally be on your phone you have to tell the tax office in Spain within 5 days or they will fine you 5% of the price!!!!

With competitive rates and tremendous experience, David Adamson Accountant will arm you with the most accurate calculations with regards to your tax return – without breaking the bank in the long run.

Due to the money that can be retrieved through tax rebates and the legal loopholes of expenses, the accountancy fees will end up fading into obscurity in the light of all the money that you will have newly saved. 

Contact today to discuss how David Adamson Accountant can work to save you money. 


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