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There is so much to gain from being self-employed and/or operating a small business, yet many people are too scared to take the plunge. What holds you back? Often it is the idea of filling out the HMRC self-assessment, and not knowing how much the tax bill will be at the end of the tax year.   However, at David Adamson Accountant we can alleviate these concerns with good free advice for self-employment small business start-ups sole traders, and partnerships.

If you’re dreaming about being your own boss, all you need is a product or service that customers will want to buy, knowledge and skills within the market or industry you want to work in, the ability to manage your own income, determination, perseverance, and a good support network.   Whether that sounds like you already, or you need help in some of these areas, we are able to give you the advice you need.

At David Adamson Accountant, we have an excellent track record, with no reports of any business we work with going bust, so there’s nothing to lose by ringing or emailing us for free initial advice.

Here are some top tips and advice for small businesses:

  1. Search your industry and spend time learning about the markets, prices, promotions, competition, and communication channels by looking at competitors.
  2. Think carefully about where you pitch your pricing, looking at competitors, and making sure to offer a price that is good value, but also demonstrates quality.
  3. Be creative in your marketing to make sure your business can stand out from the crowd.
  4. Consider both online and offline routes to market.
  5. It helps to do something you enjoy, and you can expect to work hard and be hands-on to make it a success.
  6. Be patient, and learn how to bounce back from disappointment, and how to deal with uncertainty. There will inevitably be ups and downs.
  7. When you’re self-employed, it can be hard to know when to take a break. Review and reflect to make sure you’re balancing your time rather than overworking constantly.
  8. Know the importance of great customer service, and get client feedback to build your reputation.
  9. Aim high and know that when you start with nothing, the only way is up and there is plenty of room for you to grow your business.
  10. Ring Freephone 0808 108 1545 now for Free Advice.....

updated by David Adamson himself  on 21st July 2021